The Kind Way to Success Telesummit


Would you like to be successful here and now and find out what you must do to make your Wheel of Wealth spin with ease?

Learn from 8 wealthy women how you can master the secret of having it all: work you love, money, happy relationships, radiant health plus you’re fully enjoying who you are.

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Wheel Of Wealth

Wheel Of Wealth

Wheel of Life

In this Series of interviews I and 7 other creative, heartfelt experts reveal what we found out about the mindset and daily actions that are vital to having a truly wealthy life.

This is for you, if you long to:

  • Be successful at work and earning great money without harming your health or close relationships
  • Do the work you love, serve others AND stop worrying and putting pressure on yourself to always have to do more, faster, better to earn enough to survive
  • Achieve the income you desire AND find time to rest and play
  • Continue to be successful in the world AND being able to love yourself for who you are, not for how you perform

How would it feel to find focus and ease in all four dimensions of life: Professional and Material Success, Relationships, Mind-Body Well-Being and Purpose & Self-expression?

Each speaker has herself a Wheel of Wealth that is spinning with ease and represents one area that she specializes in and supports others to thrive or which is particularly important to her.

Would it feel great to be part of the community of women who are choosing the Kind Way To Success where Fun, Rest and Spirituality are all integral to the way you live your life and the way you do business? What are you waiting for?

Join Patricia Mauerhofer and 7 wealthy women who found a way to have it all: work they love, money, happy relationships, radiant health plus they’re fully enjoying who they are.

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Are you ready to craft your best life and find happiness and joy every single day, with less and less effort involved?

Each of these women can support you in several areas of the Wheel of Wealth.

Watch these live interviews and you will find at least one person who can help you to turn your life around, get unstuck and make your Wheel of Wealth spin with ease‏.

Carly Hope - Work / Career


Carly Hope

Carly Hope

Carly Hope is known as “the sales angel” after supporting hundreds of women to get past their fear of selling and learn to sell with soul. She enjoyed a successful career in the banking industry as a manager and sales trainer before working within the recruitment industry.

Today Carly has a global coaching business where she supports women to take quantum leaps in their business through learning to sell.

When Carly is not coaching, she enjoys spending time with her family and fulfilling her favourite role in life as mother to her son and daughter, William and Rosa.

During this video chat you will learn why feeling great is more important than wanting to make money

Fatma Zaidi - Money / Lifestyle


Fatma Zaidi

Fatma Zaidi

Fatma Zaidi is a Feminine Leadership Coach. She coaches and mentors women entrepreneurs with a mission to serve the world to uplevel their wealth-consciousness and create the life and business they love.

Fatma brings 20 years of experience in the wellness field to her understanding of the Mind, Body and Spirit of her clients.

She has lived and worked on 4 continents. She is passionate about helping women to overcome personal and cultural barriers so that they can change the world with their mission and vision.

On this video you will discover…

  • The turning point in her life, where Fatma got unstuck about Money and Lifestyle herself.
  • What happened during the Global Women’s Circles she held in Paris, Los Angeles and Miami and why it’s so important for us women to connect and create synergies.
  • What you can start doing right now if you are struggling to get enough money into their life right now:
  • Fatma explains: “If you are stuck in the money department, you need awareness to make a change. What you can do as a first step is to get your numbers down. You have to write everything down.”
  • There are two other steps you can take right away…
Sue Dellanzo - Marriage / Love Life


Sue Dellanzo

Sue Dellanzo

Susan Dellanzo is an International Relationship, Health, and Lifestyle Specialist dedicated to empowering and making a qualitative difference in the lives of people globally. A Speaker and Author, Susan works with clients imparting a depth of knowledge and skills in how to reduce stress, resolve conflict, improve relationships; as well as optimising physical wellbeing and vitality.

With a lifelong interest in human behaviour, health and the mind-body connection, Susan has an incredible ability to understand and relate to people from all cultures and backgrounds.

Vanessa Jane - Fun / Creativity


Vanessa Jane

Vanessa Jane

Vanessa Jane is a Creative Strategist, working with the visionaries, thought leaders, rule breakers and adventurers and game changers, the dreamers and future shapers on what to do with those ideas, and how to stand out!, make an impact and become an icon.

Having a very unique background from psychology, business, PR marketing, the creative arts, neurosciences, and a carefully honed intuition and creativity which allows Vanessa to be a very powerful mentor, creative and strategist.

Vanessa’s specialty is in designing creative ways to deliver your message by designing platforms and vehicles. She mentors a broad range of entrepreneurs from all over the world, including writers, media personalities, high performance sports consultants, executive coaches, and musicians.

Allison Marlowe - Family / Friends


Allison Marlowe

Allison Marlowe

Allison Marlowe is the visionary founder of Global Winning Women, a community for entrepreneurial women based on the principles of her secret philosophy for success ‘Connect, Collaborate and Create’. She strongly believes that in order to truly thrive, entrepreneurial women need to work together, for the greater good of all.

An award winning coach, Allison is regarded as one of the UK’s leading coaches and mentors. She is passionate about helping entrepreneurial women to stop playing small in the world and to embrace what is divinely yours – your greatness.

Married to Berni, she has 4 amazing children, loves connecting with nature and walking her dog on the beach on the South Coast of England.

Caroline Cain - Rest / Leisure


Caroline Cain

Caroline Cain

The Freedom Seeker’s Business Mentor, Caroline Cain helps women define the lives they want to live and build profitable businesses to support them.

A mother, girlfriend, practicing Buddhist, and successful entrepreneur, she is doing her part to create an exceptional new generation by travelling the world with her daughter and boyfriend, and living a life she is totally in love with based on the principles of freedom of time, location, expression, and financial independence.

When she’s not empowering women to craft a life and business they love, she’s playing with sweet Myla, strolling the beach, and basking in the scents of new places.

Clare Hudman - Health, Fitness / Nutrition


Clare Hudman

Clare Hudman

Clare Hudman is one of a very small number of advanced practitioners in the world trained to teach Phil Parker’s Lightning Process® – a life changing three day training course.

Clare has worked in many different fields before she qualified as an occupational therapist and gained a diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP and Life Coaching. However, she considers her best qualification being ill herself and her life severely restricted for seven years. Now she is fit and healthy again, she works hard and she plays hard with complete confidence.

Since 2008 Clare has helped many children and adults with a wide range of conditions and severity of symptoms to get well again themselves, to find their inner strength, meet challenges with ease and fill their life with happiness.

Patricia Mauerhofer - Personal Development / Spirituality


Patricia Mauerhofer

Personal Development / Spirituality

Mind-Body Mentor and Success Coach, Patricia Mauerhofer empowers women in business to making money and making a difference without harming their own health or sacrificing close relationships. Patricia is living her purpose and empowering others to find theirs. As a practicing Buddhist, she is walking her talk, living mindfully and spilling over the happiness and joy she found within.

Patricia is guiding, coaching and teaching women who want to step into their power and live their best life in English, German, Swiss German and French.

When Patricia is not coaching, teaching or mentoring, she enjoys playing the piano, eating chocolate, hiking or skiing in the mountains and spending quality time with her family and close friends.

Enjoy listening to the recordings of the Kind Way To Success Telesummit again and again for just £97

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You will also learn:

  • Exactly how you can overcome obstacles if you’re struggling right now in one of the areas / dimensions of life: concrete steps to take you can implement right away
  • How to find abundance and why less is always more.
  • Concrete examples of times in the lives of these women where their Wheel of Wealth was not spinning with ease at all and what they did to turn around their life
  • What concrete steps to take to find inner mastery and ease, to nurture and empower yourself consistently and to create a ripple effect around you.
  • The one thing each of these inspiring leaders practise to be happy here and now which is the key to inner and outer success.

These interviews will allow you to think out of the box and have fun, too.

You really can have all that you desire with your mind, heart and body and you don’t need always more, faster, further.


This series of video chats is a must if you want to understand clearly which very small things can make you very happy. AND you’ll be confident that if you set yourselves goals that are huge and bold and hairy you can reach them, too‏.


There is a Kind Way to Success! You can fly high with focus and ease.


Join us now! Learn to be successful here and now and find out what you must do to make your Wheel of Wealth spin with ease.


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Wheel Of Wealth

Wheel Of Wealth